1515 RIA NE For Sale

bitbqbqiyaasedqA vacated building and lot is getting (hopefully) a breath of life soon.

According to Greenline Real Estate, the owner of the property has designed and received approval for a 20 unit condo building with underground parking. The lot, with pending approval on the plans, are for sale currently, listed for $1.7 million. Although the current owner (who has owned it for approximately a year), does not have any plans to actually develop the condo building, having the plans already approved makes it so much easier for a developer to buy and build instead of having to go through so much bureaucracy that can sometimes hinder development.

The twenty unit building will be all two bedroom, two bathroom spaces, most with balconies. The location is directly across RIA from Flip-It.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that a responsible developer will purchase this great opportunity. RIA NE definitely needs some residential density to help attract more businesses!


RIA Main Street Logo and Office


Two new exciting things happened recently: The Rhode Island Avenue NE Main Street has announced their new logo and their new office space.

The new logo, seen above, will be the image that will be displayed throughout the Avenue. More than 200 votes were cast and this was the logo that won… well, actually it tied with another logo (where the red and blue stripes were interchanged, so the Main Street organization will use both throughout.

The RIA NE Main Street also has a new office on the Avenue to operate from. This office located at 2300-A RIA NE will be directly above Zekes Coffee.

Things are coming about for the Avenue! All great news!


YOU DECIDE: New Logo for RIA Main Street

The Friends of Rhode Island Ave NE (FoRIA) is kicking off the Main Street program with an opportunity for residents to have their hand in deciding the new logo for RIA!

Here are the rules:

You can vote for more than one logo or leave feedback on things you like or don’t like. Our goal is to have a version with Rhode Island Avenue spelled out as well as a shorter version for smaller materials.

Voting will close at 5pm, on Wednesday, March 26, so get your votes in now by clicking below!! Remember, this is the logo that will adorn RIA and be our brand! Choose wisely!


Here is a preview of the images that your will be choosing from:


New Dental Office On RIA

logoThe newest business has arrived on the Avenue, and has us all smiling! Mint Dental, owned by a Ward 5 resident, recently opened at the fairly new Mint condo building at 4th Street and Rhode Island Ave NE. Here is an interview with Dr. Bradshaw and some pictures of the office.


Welcome to the neighborhood! What made you choose Rhode Island Avenue as the location for your new practice?

I have been a fan of RIA for many years.  I see the potential it has to be a great corridor for our city and I wanted to be a part of the positive change.  Im a native Washingtonian and Ive been a Ward 5 resident since 2004, so I wanted to stay and give back to my community.

 Introduce us to your staff.

Our dental team consists of Eliant Mena – Office Manager, Maritza Mejia – Dental Assistant, and Nia Hines – Dental Assistant.

 Where did you receive your training and degree?

I completed my studies at the illustrious Howard University College of Dentistry.  Im still connected to the school and enjoy giving back by lecturing students and residents.  I also keep in frequent contact with the Dean and Program Directors.

 What is the most common misconception about dentistry?

Unfortunately, the entertainment industry portrays Dentists as those who love to inflict pain.  Some patients bring those fears into the office and begin the appointment by saying, I hate the Dentist or I hate needles.  I make every effort to allay any fears and convey that I am a regular guy with a purpose to help.  Dentistry is an art and a science.  In many cases, no two problems are solved exactly alike.  Some Dental visits require more treatment than others.  There may be anesthesia involved, there may not be.

 What do you like most about dentistry/being a dentist?

Before I became a Dentist,  I had the opportunity to work in a variety of non-health related settings.  In many cases, the missions of those companies were outstanding.  However, at the end of the workday, I was unfulfilled.  I didnt know if I made a positive impact on anyone.  Being a Dentist, the impact I have on someones life is almost immediate.  I get to go home at the end of the day and enjoy the fact that I helped someone who needed and wanted my help.  Many years ago, as a high school senior, I asked my father what I should choose as a major in college.  His advise was profoundhe said, choose what you love to do, so it doesnt feel like workthat way youll never have to work a day in your life.

If you could give one bit of dental care advice to our readers, what would it be?

Cleanings and professional fluoride application every 6 months. That goes a long way.  


According to their website, the dental office’s operating hours will be:

Monday – Thursday — 9:00am – 7:00pm
Fridays — 9:00am – 1:00pm
Saturday & Sunday — By Appointment Only


Langdon Park’s Horseshoes to Be Topic of Next ANC Meeting

warren-miller-two-centaurs-playing-a-game-of-horse-shoes-but-using-people-s-sandals-new-yorker-cartoonAccording to ANC Commissioner, Nolan Treadway’s, website, the next 5C07 meeting will focus on the horseshoe pit in Langdon Park and where to move it:

There has been a lot of talk about the horseshoe pit at Langdon Park at meetings over the last year. Neighbors are concerned – not so much about the actual playing of horseshoes – but the activity that can take place around the horseshoe pit, including the alley behind the old Woodridge Library building. Some neighbors have asked the horseshoe pit be moved to another location, and DC government is giving us the option of relocating the horseshoe pit within Langdon Park as part of the Chuck Brown Park renovations.

At this meeting we will have a DC Police Officer and DC Department of Parks and Recreation Park Ranger Representative and we will discuss if we would like to move the horseshoe pit and, if the community determines the horseshoe pit should be moved, to which of the 2 alternative locations do we prefer (the two alternatives are: down the hill from it’s current location, next to the swings OR next to the skateboarding bowl and dog park, by the pool). DPR has provided this map and information on what the relocation options are.

Also on the agenda: an update on the Casey Trees planting to take place in Langdon Park in April; Langdon Park Permitting Taskforce gets going in 2014.

The meeting will take place:

Date: Wednesday, March 19
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Langdon Recreation Center (2601 18th Street NE)




We Have the Power…Underground!

DSCN3544Something that we have been hoping for along Rhode Island Ave NE and in the surrounding neighborhoods is finally happening thanks to a bill signed by Mayor Gray that starts to allow Pepco to bury power lines throughout the City.

Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) signed legislation Monday authorizing the $1 billion plan, which will be implemented over five to seven years and funded by a new surcharge that could add several dollars a month to the average power bill. Pepco this week released the first details of which neighborhoods will be first to have their high-voltage lines known as “feeders” buried, and when.

Rhode Island Ave NE will begin to see this phase begin to start in the first and second year. This is a great opportunity for the Avenue to not only ensure that our small businesses have less power interruptions but it will enhance the aesthetics and look of the Avenue.

Monday’s bill signing was the culmination of a process that started shortly after the June 2012 “derecho” storm that knocked out power for days in many neighborhoods across the region. Gray said he wanted a “game-changer” to prevent prolonged economic losses and inconvenience from weather-related outages and appointed a blue-ribbon panel to study underground lines as a solution.

See here for a map of the phases for this project:



District Clay Open in Woodridge/Langdon Area

District Clay, a self-proclaimed ceramic studio devoted to all aspects of clay craft, has opened their studio in the Langdon/Woodridge area of Ward 5 (I know — more Langdon… but I like to throw them together whenever I can). From their website:

The studio, located in a warehouse dedicated to artisan craft, offers ongoing classes for beginning, intermediate and advanced ceramic students in wheel throwing, hand building and ceramic sculpture.  The studio includes a dedicated gallery where advanced students can display their work for sale.

The driving purpose behind District Clay is to create a clayspace where students can learn the craft of clay while also stretching their creative abilities.  To that end, the studio will offer periodic special Master classes with experienced potters and ceramic artists.  In addition, special kiln firings will highlight the wide range of artistic effects that can be achieved through wood ash and over reduction firings.  Students will also have the opportunity to participate in wood firings through arrangements with local wood kilns.

District Clay’s studio space includes 14 wheels, gas and electric kilns, a slab roller, an extruder, a glaze spray booth, a photo booth,and an extensive library of ceramic literature.

Here is where they are located:


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