McDuffie Responds via Email to Robbery

Ward 5 Councilmember responded to the recent robbery (twice now) of neighborhood gem, Good Food Market, on RIA NE:

Dear Brookland and Woodridge Residents,

Unfortunately, as you have likely heard, one of our great community serving businesses, Good Food Markets, was robbed this past weekend.  I have shopped at Good Food Markets many times, however, sadly today was the second time that I visited their store after a robbery.  As with visits I have made to other businesses and residents in the Trinidad, Hanover, and Langston Terrace communities in recent weeks, nothing is more frustrating than having conversations about not feeling safe in our community.  Good Food Markets made an investment in our community where many others would not, and their experience thus far is simply unacceptable.

In response, I have asked that the Metropolitan Police Department increase their community policing patrols (especially foot and bicycle patrols) along the Rhode Island Avenue corridor to improve visibility.  I will be introducing legislation next week that allows Good Food Markets to access a Supermarket Tax Incentives program that will free-up funds for their store and recognizes the important contribution and investment they have made in our neighborhoods.

Finally, I am asking that you join me in patronizing Good Food Markets.  As you know a strong component to deterring crime is increasing foot traffic.  Also, it is important that we support the businesses that choose to make Ward 5 their home.  Let us join together as a community and support “our” Good Food Markets.

Thank you,


Thank you, Councilmember.

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