Good Food Markets Needs You!

Attachment-1Recently, the owner of Good Food Markets sent out a heartfelt message via Kickstarter asking for a little help with some short-term growth in sales. Why is this important for you to pay attention to this plea?
Here’s the simple answer: If you want RIA NE to be a thriving and vibrant corridor and welcome new restaurants and other amenities, you NEED to ensure that the ones that took a chance on the Avenue first survive and thrive! It’s the only way other business owners look at the Avenue and decide they too can open something here and survive! Local support is VERY important.
Here’s a brief bullet list from Good Food Markets that they want you to know:
  • We exist! Come check us out
  • the Good Neighbor Rewards program offers real savings everyday at no cost to you. Basic memberships start at 5% off, Seniors can receive up to 10% off, and SNAP households up to 20% off Produce and Groceries regardless of you pay
  • our selection has expanded greatly. About 40% of the selection has come directly from customer requests
  • Stop by and see how much of your shop you can do, right in the neighborhood (or right on RIA, if that works better)
  • keep Good Food in the neighborhood, shop a local business that supports your community

So make it a priority to shop at Good Food Markets at 2006 RIA NE for your grocery needs before shopping the big guys (Giant, Safeway, Harris Teeter, and even 7-11). 

Shop LOCAL first! Shop Good Food Markets!

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