Neighborhood Grocer Launches New Venture!

oasisAs if you needed another reason to feel proud of our own little neighborhood grocery, the folks behind Good Food Markets have launched a non-profit organization called Oasis Community Partners, and right now they’re in the middle of a kickoff crowdfunding campaign!

Executive Director Philip Sambol, whom you’re just as likely to see behind the register at Good Food as testifying to the importance of fresh food at the DC Council [starts around 31:00], tells RIA Insider that Oasis was initially established to manage the cooking classes, youth store and garden tours, and other educational events Good Food Markets has always hosted in Woodridge and Langdon, but that quickly expanded into other avenues of promoting fresh food access on RIA and throughout DC.

Before Oasis could focus on projects like their job training program and dedicated urban farm (both in the works), they had to unravel what was taking place in our city as a whole, and dispel some of the myths surrounding demand for fresh food in so called “food deserts.” Even though health disparities and income inequalities abound in the District, Oasis’ latest report completely shatters the idea that only corner stores selling junk food and sodas can thrive in food deserts.

When access is made available, consumers of all backgrounds overwhelmingly opt for fresh options. As evidenced by this analysis of SNAP Households shopping at Good Food, the vast majority of purchases are fruits, vegetables, fresh prepared foods and other perishables, with only a few snacks and sodas making the Top 100. And, hey, who doesn’t indulge in a sugary treat every now and again?

Stay tuned to Oasis’ Twitter (@oasisinthecity) for the latest updates, check out their work so far, and if you haven’t already, contribute to their crowdfunding campaign to show your support for the Oasis in Our Community.

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