“The Best Chinese Restaurant” in DC is in Ward 5

Photo courtesy of Urban Turf
Photo courtesy of Urban Turf

Urban Turf posted an article recently on a nearby Chinese Restaurant called Panda Gourmet. I admit, I have passed this place on a number of occasions, and even opted for the BBQ from Hogs on the Hill in front of it, and never thought of trying this place out (in the bottom of a Days Inn, who knew?). Now, I definitely think we need to make a stop. Have you tried Panda Gourmet?

Here are some excerpts from the article:

…One food critic called “The best Chinese restaurant Washington, DC has had, ever.”

Panda Gourmet (not to be confused with Panda Express) falls into the “little-known” category; it opened just a few months ago in a glum-looking Days Inn on New York Avenue NE. But Cowen was equally hyperbolic in describing it. “This is a top drawer Chinese restaurant and for authenticity it is #1 around of all choices,” raved Cowen, who also cross-posted the restaurant review to his economics blog, Marginal Revolution….

….Coming from the center of DC, the arrival at 2700 New York Avenue NE is tricky. The restaurant is on the left side of the street, and you either need to make a U-turn quite a bit up the road and then take a service road, or turn right on Bladensburg Road and wiggle your way through a few parking lots.

In case you’re wondering where this place is, here you go (hint: not far from RIA NE):


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