Woodridge and Brookland ARE a (great) Option!

Many people planning to purchase a home in D.C. start out similarly focused on a few popular neighborhoods. And like my clients, they find themselves either priced out of these areas or not willing to pay top dollar for a tiny or otherwise less than ideal property.

ImageGreat article in the Washington Post today that is showing why Woodridge and Brookland are becoming more and more popular for home buyers looking for a little more for a little less.

It is what I tell people who are looking for a house in DC: want parking? Want a yard? Want to not hear your neighbors all the time because you live up against them? Then check out Woodridge or Brookland. I, like most of my neighbors and friends, have a front, side, and backyard, and it is a quiet neighborhood with both old families and young ones. Many of us have become good friends, get together for BBQs or dinner parties. In addition, I routinely tell real estate agents that they need to make sure that they let their clients know, that Rhode Island Ave NE is a Great Street and soon to be a Main Street…. now is the mid-ground floor for new homeowners to buy in the area and watch their investment flourish.

Here are several other neighborhoods, at a variety of price points, that should be on your list:

• Hillcrest: Detached homes in Southeast, $175,000 to $550,000.

• Riggs Park: Semi attached homes in Northeast, $250,000 to $450,000.

• Woodridge: Detached homes in Northeast, $300,000 to $600,000.

• Brookland: Variety of home styles in Northeast, $250,000 to $750,000.

You may ultimately decide that a small house or condo in your ideal neighborhood is the way to go. Or, you may realize that having a larger home with a yard and parking is more important to you. Either way, you do have options that should be explored.

What brought you to Woodridge/Brookland?

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