Movie on the Lawn in Brookland

For the record: we live in the best communities in the City! Love Brookland and Woodridge!

The Menkiti Group hosted a community movie night on Thursday at the Howard Divinity School campus in Brookland. As you know, Menkiti is based in Brookland with vested interest in that community and RIA’s commercial corridor.

The event was a true success in every way: perfect 70 degree weather, full lawn of neighbors and friends, popcorn and snacks, and even folks who brought their food/dinner like a picnic. The movie shown was the Disney animated film, Up (yes, i teared up in the beginning… i dare anyone not to). The Menkiti Group is planning a second movie event in August and also plan to have residents vote for the movie to be shown.

If you weren’t here, you missed a great community evening!

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