ICYMI: Greenhouses, Thrift Stores, and a Brewpub

3112 RIAHere are some development snippets occurring (other than what has been written about already):

  • The owners of 3112 RIA NE is intent on redeveloping an old restaurant into a Thrift Store. They have obtained their permits recently.
  • The owners of WeGrow, at 1522 RIA NE, have applied and issued the use of temporary greenhouses for their property recently.
  • And, not really on RIA but in the area news, the owners of Bardo Pub were issued their permit to build a “one story brewpub” at 1200 Bladensburg Road NE. Here is some more news about this brewpub.

As always, once we learn more information about these developments or any others, we’ll update you!

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