Reliable, Now On Sundays


It looks like Lace has been denied their application for extended hours. They will have to make due with their old closing time of 3:00 AM instead of that extra hour.



…and another ICYMI: The latest on liquor licenses for RIA NE…

GORNow you don’t have to worry about running out of vodka for those bloody Mary’s when having guests over for brunch on Sundays, as Good Ole Reliable was approved for liquor sales on the Seventh Day by the ABRA Board, in addition to its regular operating hours. It’s new hours of operation are: Everyday 7am – 12am. So drink up!

Good Ole Reliable informed me that although their liquor license will allow them to be open the entire 7AM – 12AM, they will continue to have limited hours. They will be:

Monday – Friday = 10am – 9pm
Saturday = 10am – 10pm
Sunday = Pending

There is another place along RIA NE that wants to change its hours of operation to stay open longer into the mornings: Lace of DC, at 2214 RIA NE. The bar with an identity crisis has requested that they get to stay open until 4:00AM, although the sale of alcohol would not change (which stops at 3am – its current closing time). This bar has tried so many themes lately, I guess staying up later than others is another one. This request has been sent to a fact finding meeting on April 3, at 1:30pm.

…and that brings us to the violators: Taste, at 1812 Hamlin St NE, has been charged with operating beyond their approved hours of operation and the ABRA Board has forwarded that case to the Attorney General’s office for review. Lucky 7 Liquor, which just moved to their new digs (two store-fronts away from their old location) has been charged with selling to a minor (which they will receive a warning letter since they are first time offenders) and for not having an ABC manager on duty (which they will be offered a Staff Settlement unless they refuse that settlement, then it goes to the AG’s office).

…And that’s the latest on RIA’s drinking issues.

2 thoughts on “Reliable, Now On Sundays

  1. There is a liquor store every block or so on RI Ave. I don’t think this a good idea at all. I live in Mt. Rainier and we have more than enough people who are more than intoxicated hanging out on the corners just waiting for the next drink. Now here comes another store with an additional day to be open and providing just what they don’t need. Perhaps if we eliminated the sale of singles, cups and small bags of ice, we would only have the people who are going to purchase and then take those purchases home or to the party they were brought for.

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