Come and Be Heard!


We’ve talked a lot about what we want along RIA NE over the years. From the types of retail or restaurants or service to beautification and streetscaping. Now is the time to step up and tell the City directly.

This Thursday, March 28, starting at 6:30pm, the City’s Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) will hold a “lstening tour” at the Bishop Alfred A. Owens Jr. Family Life Community Center, 605 Rhode Island Avenue, NE, to hear directly from residents and business owners on what the City should be prioritizing in Fiscal Year 2014. Here is the City’s description from their website:

Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD), announces a series of public hearings on “Housing and Community Development Needs in the District of Columbia”. `The hearing will help form a basis for developing the District’s draft “Consolidated Plan for the District of Columbia Fiscal Year 2014 Action Plan” and the spending priorities utilizing federal entitlement funds.  DHCD, the Department of Human Services and the Department of Health will each provide input into the plan. 

Residents and stakeholders are strongly encouraged to come out and participate in the development of policies and programs in the following areas: 1) affordable housing; 2) special needs housing; 3) homelessness; 4) homeownership; and, 5) community development and public service activities.  The Department is also interested in receiving community feedback on innovative strategies to enhance community participation during this planning process. 

This is your chance to speak directly to the City and tell them they should focus on RIA NE!

Can’t make it to the meeting? Send them a letter.

Written statements may be submitted for the record at the hearing, or until close of business, Friday, April 12, 2013.  Mail written statements to: Michael P. Kelly, Director, DHCD, 1800 Martin Luther King Jr., Avenue, SE, Washington, DC 20020.

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