New Restaurant at RIR

Rhode Island Row just announced that they have signed a new lease for their retail/residential development at the Rhode Island Ave Metro station.

Sala Thai will be opening a restaurant at the new complex this summer! Great news!

7 thoughts on “New Restaurant at RIR

  1. Why was just this one restaurant written about? According to Rhode Island Row’s website Chipolte, CK Burger and Carolina Kitchen, as well as Sprint, T-Mobile, a DMV location and D’Arte Nail & Spa Salon are coming to Rhode Island Row in the first quarter/summer of 2013.

    1. Hi mark, if you regularly follow the Insider, you’ll know that I’ve covered all of those and more about RIR. Thanks for the comment.

      1. I am a subscribed member of the Insider. I thought you only covered the speculation that those places were coming to RIR, not that they were actually confirmed by RIR.

  2. Alcohol permit notices are up for both Carolina Kitchen and Sala Thai. If I have time I’ll grab a picture and try to pass it along. I don’t think anyone will protest, but good to have the info in case someone does.

    1. My phone sucks, but the petitions are January 22 and hearing February 4 for both Sala Thai and Carolina Kitchen. I haven’t yet been able to figure out if there’s a way to find out if a protest is filed without just going to the hearing, but I’ll keep poking around (or, you know, if you know, that would be useful information).

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