FORIA reaches Out

The Friends of RIA spent their Saturday this morning reaching out to the community about redevelopment of RIA. More than 16 volunteers braved the cold to meet their neighbors and pass out flyers letting them know how they can let their voices be heard. The group was joined by ANC Commissioner Corey Griffin, Cyril Crocker from the Menkiti Group, and Lonna Hooks from Ward 5 DC Online.


Afterward, the group met for good camaraderie at Col. Brooks Tavern.


Great job, FORIA!!

11 thoughts on “FORIA reaches Out

  1. Looks like a good way to spend the morning — photo is great. I spent part of my morning at Bus boys and Poets/14th Street, NW with Maryland Congressman Steny Hoyer and others where he introduced DC’s Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton at her re-election announcement kickoff. Obtaining the same rights enjoyed by the residents of his Maryland district — statehood, is what Hoyer committed to continue to join with Norton for the residents of the District.

  2. Thanks for taking the literal first steps towards enhancing community awareness and improving life for folks in the Rhode Island Avenue corridor! I’m confident that it’ll be thriving again one day soon.

  3. Is Colonel Brooks moving to RIA? I don’t understand why you didn’t eat at a restaurant on RIA. Flip It even has a banquet room. Tropicana at RIA & Montana Avenue used to be on 12th but moved to RIA after Cluck-U-Chicken closed after a teen was shot and killed in a driveaway shooting. Even, if you don’t like any of these restaurants, there’s always Boundary Stone at 1st & RIA in Bloomingdale whose cuisine is just as good as Colonel Brooks. It’s hours on Saturday are from 11 am to 3 am. It’s important to support and frequent the businesses on RIA to see them thrive. So, I’m pretty much scratching my head on this one.

    1. Good point, Woodie. Perhaps next time you can join FORIA on their outreach events and offer these suggestions in person?

  4. Yay, Friends of RIA! Thanks for reaching out to the community. I wish I could have been out there with you (work, ugh). Your work is appreciated and needed. Anyone who could find fault in anything you are doing (especially restaurant choice) is a complete a-hole. Speaking of, Woodie…get some Head and Shoulders for that itchy scalp!

    Keep up the good work, and count me in for next time!

  5. Good job guys! If I wasn’t so under the weather, I would have been out there with you.

    Oh, and no offense to Col. Brooks, but Boundary Stone’s food is a hundred time’s better.

    I don’t care where you ate tho. I’m just glad that you guys went out and realized the importance of flyering the neighborhood.

  6. I just mentioned this because if you want to create buzz on RIA, you have to have celebrations/events that focus on RIA (which the distribution was to do).

    Thanks D, for recommending Boundary Stone. I saw falafel on its web menu and was wondering whether it was any good. I’ve been to Urban Eats and ZZ Pizza & Kabob in Mt. Rainier and I don’t care for their falafel. I think one of the Pizza places on 12th (Pizza Kingdom?) sells falafel, but I wanted to try it at a sit down restaurant. So, now I’ll try Boundary Stone because of your recommendation.

    1. Woodie,

      I definitely hear your concerns about “walking the walk” and using businesses on Rhode Island, as we try to help attract more.

      I picked Col. Brooks because it was closest place and I knew it was open. Lace usually isn’t open at that hour on Saturday. I hadn’t thought of Boundary Stone (or Rustik), since they’re so far down The Avenue (but I like them both, had brunch at Boundary Stone on Sunday morning, in fact). I guess Flip-It would have been a good option (although I can’t get a DC Brau there!)

  7. Hi All:

    I was very sorry to miss out on this walk! (I was working on Saturday morning, ugh…) I missed getting one of the flyers, so if possible, please post one to this blog. I’m very interested in participating in future events.

    My family and I have finallly settled into our new RI Ave. home and want to get to know the neighborhood. We are right near Flip It, and still hope to open up a business. Current thinking is a bakery – we are trying to woo a very good baker that I know – with a very tiny micro brew pub attached. Or maybe a bike shop.

    Anyway – thanks for the effort. And count me in next time!


    1. Hey Bill,

      Welcome to our neighborhood! You can learn more about the Friends of Rhode Island Avenue NE on our website, and you can also join us online and take our survey (all of which are free, easy, and quick).

      We don’t have another event planned as of yet due to hectic holiday schedules, but once we get organized with another event, we’ll post that info everywhere. In the mean time, please do join us online!


  8. Bill, where will your bakery be located? There is a bakery nestled between the International House of Prayer and the Golden Skillet that is not being used. I believe it’s owned by Taylor Gourmet. Check the archive for this blog where someone got over 100 signatures to petition Taylor Gourmet to open either at that location or set up a location at Rhode Island Avenue Row.

    It would be great to have a bakery that can offer glutten-free baked goods. Both Yes! Market and Giant have limited offerings. I don’t think Chez Huareg carries glutten-free baked goods. I’ve bought some of their products directly from their shop at 4th & RIA, Yes!, and Whole Foods. I find their items a bit on the dry side.

    Rhode Island Reds has now been turned into a bakery that has a liquor license. It may be along the lines of what you’d like to open. Not sure if they have a microbrewery. I think RIA Row is supposed to be having a couple of these microbreweries. Waiting on word from RIAInsider on what retail is coming soon to RIA Row.

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