Some Important RIA Dates

    Here are some important upcoming dates if you care about redevelopment along RIA:




Friends of RIA Outreach Event (TOMORROW!!!)
Where: Meet at 20th and Rhode Island NE (south west corner, in front of the 7-11)
When: Meet at 10:00 AM this Saturday, November 19
Questions? Email/call Nolan Treadway at, 734-717-4342.
(After an hour or two of flyering we’ll head to Colonel Brooks for a drink and/or bite to eat)


Think RIA Task Force Meeting (flyer attached)
November 30, 2011
Israel Baptist Church
1251 Saratoga Avenue, N.E.
Washington, D.C.
6:30 pm

The Future Of Northeast Rhode Island Avenue Begins With People Working Together


Here are some notes from the last RIA Task force meeting held earlier this week

RI Task Force 11/15/11

-Concentrate on Core Areas
Brentwood , Langdon, Edgewood, Brookland, Eckington

Developers are attracted to tracks. They do not move

4 Sub areas

1 4th St to 10th
2. 13th St to 16th
3. 17th St to Kearny
4. Monroe to Eastern (low commercial – high residence)

Air Rights: build above government space, ie a library.

What can be done with vacant lots?

Great Street Dollars. Where does money come from? Should we establish a Main Street as well.

Embrace organized groups and support their complimentary independent initiatives that will move the joint plan: Premier CDC, Friends of RIA, GWHCC, Rhode Island Avenue Business Council &Ward 5 Business Council, etc.

Movie Theater, Bowling Alley
Coffee Shop
Doctors Office

– Ward 5 Business Directory/Done – Support online version to demonstrate to current businesses & potential new business that are communities will patronize quality establishments. We need to capture more data –
– We need to start branding – Consider the suggestion from the plan: “Think RI Ave 1-800- …..”
– Can You See It We Can!
– Generate Vibrancy and movement

– Lets begin the strategic plan phase with presentations from proven planners: Contact Architect Shalone Barrones & Eddie Johnson.

– Commit to having a conceptual plan outlined in 2 weeks.

Old Business and new business mix.
How to create a vibrant street?
Get report from Gabby, circulate electronic version of the Think RI Plan, ULI Plan, Great Streets Iniative & new tools from the Office of Planning.

One thought on “Some Important RIA Dates

  1. Will the Library be relocated? There are plans to rebuild it. Since you are considering “Air Rights: build above government space, ie a library” doesn’t that mean it will be a multi-level building? I haven’t been to the new Francis A. Gregory library but I do know it was relocated. So, if a multilevel building is being proposed for the Woodridge Library it might be better to relocate it and place it where more people have access. Art Enables now occupies the first site of the Woodridge Library, so relocation is not a preposterous idea? The present location could be turned into a Cultural/Science/Technology Center, which would help Langdon Park located behind it.

    Where will the bowling alley and move theater be located?

    Does “Think Rhode Island” have a website where we can ask questions and make suggestions independent of this blog? Has the Great Streets for RIA finally gotten a new director?

    Where and how does Rhode Island Row fit into this? We are all hoping that they will provide the diversity of shops we all need and spurn better growth/development along RIA.

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