Taylor Gourmet, I presume?

This old, dilapidated bakery, which sits behind the bright colored fried chicken take out, could provide clues to the future of Rhode Island Ave NE. The building is near the corner of RIA and Hamlin Street and is owned by the same owners of Taylor Gourmet. In December, David Mazza, one of the two owners of this popular sandwich shop, applied for and was approved for an interior demolition permit for this location, although there has not been signs of work to date.

I recently spoke to David Mazza about this location and although their intentions for the location is to renovate it into their bakery that will supply their three other locations (City Vista, Atlas, and Bethesda areas), that they have not decided whether or not RIA was a suitable location for a new sandwich shop location. I encouraged Mr. Mazza to consider RIA and informed him of the potential and coming redevelopment. His attitude towards a new location was encouraging but for now, we have to be content that they at least are redeveloping one old location for their bakery. (Note: David Mazza did say that they also have not indicated whether the bakery will sell baked goods from that location or not.)

I would encourage all of you to contact Taylor Gourmet and let them know what kind of business they would receive by getting in on the ground floor of Rhode Island Ave NE! Click HERE to link to their website!

Call or email them to let them know you want a Taylor Gourmet Deli and Market on Rhode Island Ave!

13 thoughts on “Taylor Gourmet, I presume?

  1. Taylor Gourmet = dream come true. I will personally patronize a RIA/Hamlin Ave Taylor multiple times a week it they locate in our hood. Taylor guys: If you build it, we will come. (And, yes, you need to sell sandwiches out of this location.)

  2. Love it! I grew up in the Woodridge area and remember when that bakery was still in operation. I loved it as it always smelles so good. I now live in Brookland but it’s a quick drive for me to head over to RIA/Hamlin versus H Street (although I go there all the time).

    Thanks for the information and will definitely let David know that he needs to bring Taylor to this community!

  3. Great news!! Maybe a bakery here and a new Taylor Gourment shop in the new Rhode Island Station at the metro? Please! Also, I really hope they decide to sell some baked goods as well. I would make the hike down RI Ave for some fresh baked bread!

  4. Please, God, let it be true. I’m a weekly customer, so this is great news. I couldn’t find an email address on their website – do you have one??

  5. Best news of 2011 if they were to open up shop on ria!! Please make this happen! I don’t mind going to H street, but its a pain!

  6. This is great news! I wish they would open up a restaurant here. I used to live in the H St. area and would go there about once a week. Now… I don’t go at all.

  7. I couldn’t find an email address either… so I posted on their Facebook page. I’d recommend that or Twitter–they are really active on both!

  8. “that they have not decided whether or not RIA was a suitable location for a new sandwich shop location.”

    hm…that’s code for “this area is still a touch too run-down and ungentrified,” which is not true at all. There are plenty of professionals and people of all ages who are looking for–and deserve–a QUALITY food establishment. Let’s keep it real. What he does not realize is that if ‘if he builds it, they will come.’

    Oh well, get in now and pay dirt cheap rent, or PAY LATER. And what he does not realize is that someone has to be ‘first.’ If he opens, guess what, other businesses will spring up, as well, benefiting everyone. FIA needs a facelift.

    (*Yes, the RIA metro development is going on, but do we have the details on what retail/eating shops are coming.)

    1. To date only Walgreen has officially signed on at the RIA metro. That’s why the building closest to AJ Wright at the RIA metro doesn’t have the lower level complete. Instead, Buzzutto, is finishing the upper levels which will have luxury apartments. So, RIA needs more interested retailers to set up shop there.

      At some of the RIA Great Street meetings, there was a local couple (30ish) who wanted to buy this Bakery and set up a new one. They said the building owners wouldn’t sell it to them. So, Taylor, must have been able to acquire this location. I’m sure it did not come cheap. The Theater Guild Workers Association on Hamlin near 18th sold for about $1 million dollars a couple of years ago.

      The new Langdon Dog Park would also bring in a lot of patrons to this bakery site. I’m looking forward to when we can see a local organic grocery store in this area of RIA. Glad to see that Michelle Obama & Walmart are teaming up to offer better foods at Walmart. Lately, I’ve found Whole Foods more affordable then some of the local Farmers Markets in DC, especially for organic produce.

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