Taylor Gourmet. Rustik. Hell Yeah.

Remember back, more than a year ago, when the Rhode Island Insider first reported that 1811 Rhode Island Ave NE was suspected to be a new location for Taylor Gourmet? Well, a local circular confirmed recently that Taylor Gourmet is, in fact, coming to the exact location that we first reported.

“It’s kind of top secret what we are planning to put in there, but there are definitely plans,” [Mazza] said.

At first, David Mazza, one of the owners of Taylor Gourmet, reported to the Insider that the location was going to be just a bakery where it could produce its bread for its DC sandwich locations. Now it seems, they are coming with a full blown store. More on this story later….

What? You want more good news?

Ok. Here’s some more. Rustik Tavern celebrated its second anniversary in Bloomingdale yesterday. The Insider tweeted that they hope that we could all celebrate its second anniversary next year at its new Woodridge location along RIA. Their response is below.

As you remember, the Friends of RIA hosted a “Rhode Trip” there last month to convince them to come to the NE end of RIA.

Are you as excited as I am?

14 thoughts on “Taylor Gourmet. Rustik. Hell Yeah.

  1. That is fantastic news! I love visiting Taylor on H Street now I will be able to walk to this location! I can’t wait! I will definitely be visiting this location.

  2. This makes a lot of sense being so close to the new Woodridge Library. Taylor Gourmet should definitely do something to accommodate the hunger needs of all the new patrons. I think it would be great if Taylor Gourmet could set up cafes in all the libraries. Doesn’t the new Woodridge Library have plans for a cafe? I’d like to see the outdoor front area of the new Woodridge Library set aside for an outdoor cafe and comfortable seating just to wait for the library to open. Please no cement benches!

    Where will the new Rustik be located? Isn’t Taste Lounge moving? If so, another good location to place outdoor seating and benefit from increased foot traffic from library users. I hope the library keeps Hamlin Street as it is and adds more parking. With all these new businesses a lot of people are going to be driving just to get to them and they’ll need a place to park, especially at night.

  3. Taste is attempting to transfer their license from their current location to a HUGE club on NY Ave. So that’s far from certain

    1. Nolan,

      So, is Taste leaving RIA? If so, we need to plan for what could go there. Being right across the street from the new Woodridge Library, having a place that will attract a wide variety of patrons (children and adults), is important. Taste didn’t and doesn’t fulfill this need. Initially Taste opened at 11 am. Their menu was very specialized. Now, I’m not sure when they are opened, but it looks more like a club with bouncers outside.

      I think Taylor Gourmet could add a few more healthy things for young kids to its menu. As you may know Woodridge Library participated in the USDA sponsored summer feeding program for youth under 18. I think an outdoor eating area in front of the library would be great for these kids in the future and encourage restaurants to serve healthy meals. I like that BCafe even has a non-alcoholic drink menu.

      1. It’s not a sure thing that Taste is moving. There are lots of people (CM McDuffie and Wal-Mart to name two) who are not interested in allowing them to transfer the license to NY Ave so they can open a mega-club. I tend to agree with that position since NY Ave doesn’t need another club, but I also agree with you that Taste isn’t doing much for the community and could be recreated into something that folks in the neighborhood could use.

  4. Interesting. This is the first time I’ve heard about any visioning for New York Avenue by CM McDuffie. People will come to Wal-mart no matter what. In some locations Wal-Mart has very late hours. This could offer an great alternative and good competition to late night party goers than clubs. We really need to focus on diversity to RIA. Not just clubs and bars. What measures has CM McDuffie done to ensure we get a bank, a cleaners, and other basics for RIA?

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