Sign the Petition! *Updated

***UPDATE*** The petition to show enthusiasm for a Taylor Gourmet on Rhode Island Ave has reached its original goal of 100 petition signatures. The new goal is 200! Help show the enthusiasm, click the link below and sign the petition! ****

A reader of this blog (Thanks Stephanie!) has put up a petition to get a Taylor Gourmet Deli and Bakery to locate a store on Rhode Island Ave NE. I would encourage everyone to go to the petition and sign it. This is a great opportunity to let the owners of Taylor Gourmet know that there is a good demand for their restaurant. Click the petition link below!


One thought on “Sign the Petition! *Updated

  1. I ate at Taylor’s a couple of times down on H street and it was fabulous. But of course it is way too far to go there on a regular basis. And if we could get something like that here, it would be a huge hit. Can you imagine? It would be absolutely unique in our area, and there is such a tremendous demand for something like that. And of course this area will turn, so this should be the time to get in…

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