Temple: Quick Update

I received this email regarding the “postponed or cancelled” press conference:

Greetings and salutations all, the Mayor’s press conference scheduled for today at the King Solomon Grand Lodge was “postponed” or “cancelled”. Members of the media and community were told by lodge officials that they had been informed the Mayor was not coming. However, I did have an opportunity to speak with Earl Rogers, Grand Secretary for the King Solomon Grand Lodge. He stated he just arrived from Virginia and was assuming direction over the Lodge. According to Mr. Rogers, he has instituted immediate changes and indicated additional changes were coming. He pledged to meet and to work with 5DCAC, the PSA, ANC Commissioner Manning, and MPD 5D to address all issues. He said he wants the Lodge to be a positive partner with the community.

I asked if the Mayor still intended to close the establishment as he was going to do according to his office’s press advisory (in my previous post). Let’s hope our officials don’t back down!

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