Press Conference Postponed, not Canceled

Contrary to popular rumor, Mayor Fenty has not canceled his press conference nor it’s intention, according to sources within his administration. A press conference is being rescheduled for later this week (maybe Thursday). Once I get the date and/or any more information, I will post it on here!

If Mayor Fenty holds true, I want to say that from what I am hearing in the community, they are thankful and appreciative to him, Linda Argo, Chief Lanier, Councilman Thomas, and the best MPD officers (5D) for their response the residents’ concerns!! They all are bringing faith back into the community that good things are coming to this ignored corner of the City and to Rhode Island Ave NE!

6 thoughts on “Press Conference Postponed, not Canceled

  1. As the Commissioner for ANC5B04 and for which this location resides, I am surprised to know that citizens have been working to shutdown and remove the Lodge. I have been very involved in some of the activities that took place at this Lodge for several years. I am aware that there is a new Grand Master in charge at the lodge since I last had to resolve a problem at the lodge. I have not been informed by the community nor the Grand Master of the Lodge.
    Also, the article mentioned that the area has been ignored. That’s not a true statement. I have worked diligently with the business owners to keep the area clean. I contacted the city government to ensure that the business owners comply and clean the area. Unfortunately, I can’t be in all places at the same time, so if my constituents inform me of their concerns I can participate and advise on how to approach the problem. I am always willing to provide assistance as I advise my community.
    My view on taking action on this issue is the view of my constituents. I would like to know who the concerned citizens are. Are you my constituents?
    The approach that has taken place can be viewed as disrespect to me as the commissioner. Before the Mayor and other District Government agencies are involved, I should have been informed. We had problems with a church located on Rhode Island Avenue in the past and were able to resolve the problems of loud music, noise, parking in residents private parking areas, blocking residential the driveway, not having a public hall license or liquor license and did not have to get the Mayor involved. The same has been done for other businesses in our community without taking time from our Mayors busy schedule to take such action.
    You should know that Phil Blair is not the commissioner for this location and can only provide the views of his constituents. Only my constituents can vote with great weight on this problem. Please contact me so that we can discuss. I would only know about problems in the community if I am informed or if I happen to see the problems for myself. I look forward to hearing from you and establishing a great relationship. We can work together and get the problems and disrespect for our neighborhood resolved. We must work together and fight to keep control of our neighborhood. It is important that we do not tolerate nuisances, and keep our community safe.
    Rayseen Woodland, ANC5B04
    (202) 528-3560

    1. Ms. Woodland,

      I have never even heard of you, which means you have little to no presence in the community that you claim to serve. A quick read of any of the area listserves (Brookland, Woodridge, MPD-5, Eckington) would have clued you in months ago to the issues that we, as residents of the area, have been fighting. How is it that people from the MPD, city government, news organizations and area residents know about this blog and yet we have NEVER seen a post from you until now? The only disrespect that has happened here is your failure to be on top of the situation in the first place.

      As for keeping the area clean, this isn’t exactly the case. There is always trash around the lodge on Thayer Street. People park on the sidewalk while “activities” are going on at the lodge, and from what I have heard, members of the lodge illegally stop the ticketing of the cars.

      You also mention that you have been involved in activities at the lodge….hopefully none of the ones that have involved underage drinking, shootings, or police activity.

      Furthermore, we will go to whomever we need to get swift action taken…which is what has been done and will continue to be done. If it has taken you this long to hear about the problem, then the likelihood of swift action from you is probably not to be expected. Don’t get on here and give some tirade about how you were never contacted when as an elected official, you have obviously not done any research about the activities going on in your ANC…much like the original ANC approval of the DECCA group’s plans to run a juke-joint on Rhode Island Ave without proper public review and input. Thankfully, the community came together to counter this approval, and have successfully kept out another potential community nuisance.

      We would be more than happy to work with you in the future, now that we know you exist, and will keep you informed, along with all people we deem necessary. Once we have seen that you are indeed an active member of the community, you might move further up the list of people to call.

    2. Quite honeslty, Rayseen, this is not a closely held secret….these issues have been open in the public forum since the beginning of summer. The Lodge was allowing a third party promoter use their facility (at a profit) and renaming the Lodge “G-Spot” for its Friday night parties. I am a little troubled by your comment that you have participated in some of the Lodge’s activities. Were you aware of these parties?

      Also, as Mister Weederson pointed out, I have asked residents around the area about their ANC Commissioner and none of them (literally none) have indicated they know who you are or that you are actively involved in anything (I belong to the ANC5B04 listserve and I cannot remember the last time you posted anything).

      I am glad to finally see your willingness to understand this issue and get involved. Hopefully you can work with the residents to make sure Rhode Island Ave NE becomes a top notch “Great Street” and not full of church store fronts, liquor stores, nightclubs, etc.

    3. Dear ANC5B04 Representative Woodland:

      It is regrettable that you mistakenly feel that the Woodridge Community has disrespected you as ANC representative, in the matters of the Decca Group and King Solomon’s Lodge, both located on Rhode Island Avenue, NE. I hope the following will illuminate the reason and manner of our actions.

      Notwithstanding the Woodridge Community’s opposition to the Decca Group’s application for an ABC tavern license with live entertainment and late hours of operation, pursuant to a Protest Hearing on Tuesday, October 16, 2007, the Alcohol Beverage Control Board received sworn evidentiary testimony that you ANC5B04 Commissioner Rayseen Woodland supported the Decca Group’s application, a potentially serious conflict.

      Also and as you readily admit patronage, many residents of the Woodridge Community have observed you in attendance at several affairs at the King Solomon Lodge, wherein the peace and quite of the community was disturbed. More pointedly, many of the lodges Potentates have openly chided and berated residents that they enjoyed your support. To the prudent, it is obvious that you were aware of community’s concerns but opposed them.

      In short, perhaps the evidentiary record or its’ interpretation is in error. However, if you believe this to be the case, I strongly urge that you forthwith contact Peter B. Feather, Chairperson, Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) Board, to correct the public record.

      Respectfully Yours


  2. Frankly,

    I can not believe you have the gall to tell the residents of this community to go through you, when in the past you have sided with organizations that have worsen or daily experience. I asked about our ANC when we were working on the DECCA Group problem and found that you sided with them, without ever letting your local community give their opinion.

    You will find that most of us are professionals and have lived or worked the government experience and are probably much older than you. The others commenting on your reply are being very nice in comparison with what I think of you as our official community representative.

    You do not live on Woodridge Street NE or Thayer and therefore are not experiencing the constant fall out of this Lodge fiasco! Secondly, I have had Councilman Thomas at my home to meet with our immediate community and we posted it around the neighborhood, and you did not even show. This was done a week in advance.

    Your own personal interest are more important than the communities, it is quite clear, by your statements that this Lodge has provided service and charity to this community. This is DC, not Maryland and Virginia, where most of these Lodge members live.

    The final part of this reply is that I was involved closely with Councilman Thomas in shutting the adult version of these dances that the Lodge had in 2006. Where were you?

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