New Restaurant: Bird Kitchen and Cocktails

A new restaurant has opened in Mt. Rainier, immediately across the Maryland border from D.C., with a small dining room and bar but BIG potential for its Southern food and cocktail menu.

The restaurant, called Bird Kitchen and Cocktails is located 3801 34th Street in Mt. Rainier, MD, but really it sits on a corner off of the traffic circle on Rhode Island Ave. Bird Kitchen opened their doors on Dec 1st, 2015 for a soft opening, and have added several menus since then, including a dinner, brunch/breakfast, and lunch menu.

The restaurant calls itself a “modern southern eatery” and they adhered to this theme on their menu. Their cocktail, beer, and wine menu was impressive. We had several of the cocktails for our table of five including the Concord Strut, Real Dark ‘N Stormy, and the Supper Thyme. For our second round, several of us also opted for a couple of the craft beers on their menu.

We started our dinner with an appetizer called the Southern Pu Pu Platter that at first impression we thought the shrimp, pimento cheese, bread, deviled eggs, and crackers would be enough of an appetizer for our table. Although the platter was delicious, it is more appropriate for two people or one really hungry person. (Not that this is a negative for the place, in any regard, just giving you a heads up!)

Our table had multiple offerings for dinner: fried chicken, shrimp and grits, and the trout. The food didn’t disappoint. The portions were smaller than expected and we wondered if it was because they had such an unexpected demand from a very large party on the second floor dining area with limited kitchen staff and supplied or not. We all made bets that on any other night, the portions would probably be more (they are new and finding their way, after all).

All in all, we had a good dinner. We will definitely be back, and it is so convenient to get to that it feels like it is still part of the RIA Main Street on the DC side of the line.

Restaurant Info:

Bird Kitchen and Cocktails —- 3801 34th St. Mount Rainier, MD 20712   — 240-467-3045

Editor’s note: An earlier version stated that this restaurant was in Hyattsville. My bad… it is in Mount Rainier. Need coffee before posting next time. 


3 thoughts on “New Restaurant: Bird Kitchen and Cocktails

  1. We went to BIRD within a week of its opening. The hostess told us we came at a good time because “we just got our menus.” But, when we began ordering, very few items were available (and there were no large parties in sight). We also ordered the Southern pu pu platter but there was one piece of cheese that was totally rancid. And, yes, you’re so right, the portions were super small at BIG prices. The modified vegetarian dish was an acorn squash, kale leaves and lentils for $18! C’mon! Needless to say we won’t return anytime soon!

  2. Sorry for your unfortunate experience. As we are new, we are going to make mistakes, but you need to say something while you are there.
    Rancid cheese we don’t serve. Meadow Creek Appalachian is pungent, not rancid.
    The veggie plate was $15, and if you were charged $18, I sincerely apologize.
    If you come back in, I will comp your entire meal.

  3. Thank you for your reply, Lenny. You are right — we should’ve said something, but since you were newly opened and we were testing you out we completely expected some mistakes. However, I can tell the difference between rancid and pungent, and that ONE piece of cheese was def rancid. I would also suggest that given the prices in your establishment that your wait staff not dress as though they just came in off the street — again, just a suggestion but maybe consider a standard black top/pant ensemble.

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