Protest Heats Up Over ABRA License

noIt appears that the community opposition to the proposed restaurant/nightclub (application under “MMA by TMI, LLC — same owners of SIP) to be located at 2066 RIA NE seems to be heating up. In an email to the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration Board, ANC Treadway sent the following

  • A signed resolution from ANC 5C in opposition
  • A letter from ANC Commissioner Nolan Treadway detailing the protest
  • Petition pages signed by 216 neighbors in opposition to this establishment

The full letter of protest is attached, including the ANC’s resolution opposing the ABRA application. The petition pages were removed for this posting so as not to post residents’ email and addresses.

Read the full protest letter FINAL_ABRA-100283 Protest Petition Package.


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