ANC and Residents Say “No” to New Liquor License

noDuring the local ANC single member district meeting more than a week ago, sixty-five residents voted NO to the proposed liquor license application for the new nightclub-style bar/restaurant that the owners of SIP have applied for at 2066 Rhode Island Avenue NE (old Dura Sales location).

Then at the whole ANC meeting last week, the vote was similar in opposition to the liquor license.

Residents have been up in arms at the thought of the owners of SIP, which has its fair share of issues that requires a police presences weekly in front of it, from opening a restaurant/bar that will charge a cover charge, have live music/DJ, and stay open until 3am on the same block as Good Foods Market and more than 16 homes. The owner of SIP had a club/bar that was shut down by the police last year for violence. Another complaint is that the proposed location is saying it can accomodate 350 people but there is no parking to account for this number, as ANC Nolan Treadway stated on his website.

Residents have been signing a petition to protest the application. Commissioner Treadway’s goal is to have a final petition to submit by the end of October. Email him to get a copy of the petition that you can circulate and get neighbors to sign. His email is:

Also from Treadway’s email newsletter:

  • Can you be a representative for the group? The petition signers will need to have a designated representative. I can be me, but it would be better if it were someone else. That person would then be on the hook for coming to a few extra hearings and helping organize testimony a little bit. Let me know if you’re interested/able!

  • Important Dates:

  • Nov 16 – Deadline to submit protests

  • Nov 30, 10:30 AM – ‘ABRA Roll Call Hearing’ – Need at least 5 petition signers to attend this meeting, but more are always welcome! – Dates for future hearings, mediations, etc will also be set at this meeting

  • (tentatively) January 27, 2016 – Protest Hearing – Because it’s so far out, this date may change. This would be the big protest hearing where neighbors testify and both sides make their case to the board. There are several intermediate steps between the Roll Call Hearing and the Protest Hearing. You can read more about the ABRA Protest Process here.


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