More shootings in Woodridge


Two other shootings recently to report on…mpd

First, last night, there was a shooting reported by MPD at the 1800 block of Monroe Street NE.

Currently there are not further details.


And, as reported by NBC Washington (see video here) another shooting from five days ago (that I missed) at Langdon Rec Center, where a 18 year old teen was shot.









More than a dozen bullet markers scattered the grass and street on 24th Street NE at the corner of RIA NE Sunday afternoon. Police began their investigation on the shooting more than fifteen hours AFTER the shooting that occurred on Saturday evening at around 9:45pm. It is unknown as to what actually occurred to cause the shooting or if anyone was hurt (no one appeared to be since the police didn’t consider it an emergency.

UntitledOne neighbor, two houses down, heard the gunshots moments after checking on his infant son and two minutes from heading outside to walk his dog in this usually quiet neighborhood. Another neighbor, one block away, heard the shots and dropped to the floor inside their bungalow, not knowing that their house and car were both hit by bullets during the medley of shots fired. This shooting occurred only a couple of weeks after another shooting, in the same neighborhood, on 25th Street where three people were shot and one died.

Be safe everyone.

3 thoughts on “More shootings in Woodridge

  1. This is crazy. We moved 25 years ago to Rhode Island Ave not to far from the shootings. The moved was because of daily shootings, my ill mother was getting out her bed to get on the floor. In 25 years something could be done. I do not want me or family to be a statistic.Some think that with more whites moving in the neighborhood the Mayor, Council will listen. I want to live comfortable and enjoy my senior years and want it safe for grandchildren and friends. It is enough to be concerned about health, affordable living, and raised taxes because new property sales. When will people stop being selfish and think about their neighbors.

  2. I encourage everyone to write in to the Police Dept and complain about their slow response. It doesn’t matter if anyone was hurt or not, it is impossible to conduct a proper investigation so many hours later (as evidence is lost) thus no way for them to PREVENT future shootings.

    fill in the form below and mail or fax (no online submission available) :

    Click to access complaint_form_english_v2_final.pdf

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