Nido Brunch Preview

Nido, the Mediterranean restaurant located at 2214 RIA Ave NE, is about to begin brunch service starting Saturday, August 1st. 

We had an opportunity to try the dishes ahead of time, and not only are we beyond impressed with their standard menu and bar, the brunch items are just as good. Starting with muffins and apricot marmalade, then moving on to the tortilla española, then to the heirloom tomato tartine, and the patatas brava with an egg, and then moving on to the braised pork shoulder and the egg sandwich, this brunch finished with an amazing blueberry upside-down cake. 

But let’s not forget about the wonderful cocktails. We started with a refreshing Spritz, tried the Bubbles & Sorbet, and finished with the Vermouth Cassis. All three were bright, quenching, and flavorful. Perfect for summer brunch. 

Check Nido out for brunch starting next weekend!


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