Good Food Markets Opens!

Good Food Markets, located at 2006 Rhode Island Avenue NE, has opened as of 1pm today!

I knew that the Market was going to carry prepared foods made from the DC Central Kitchen and have fresh produce, but I was pleasantly surprised when I walked through the door. The shelves had an assortment of items from canned goods (think: soups, tomatoes, beans, etc) to boxed cereal to baby food and formula to fresh produce and prepared meats to milk and eggs to condiments/ingredients! It was like going to a miniature Whole Foods or YES! Market but without the stuffiness or high prices (I was surprised again when I rang up my groceries and the bill was a lot lower than I spend at one of those bigger stores)! In addition, the Market was clean, well organized, and had several friendly employees busying themselves.

The concept is great and it is going to reflect the community. For instance, there were some empty shelves in the Market on purpose…they want to leave room for the community to tell them what they want them to carry! So don’t forget to mention to them what it is you are looking for, if they don’t have it, they’ll try and get it! Some coming attractions for the near future: larger selection of meats (chicken, beef, etc), and beer and wine (with a reasonable price point).

So check them out and support your local store! Their grand opening is scheduled for Saturday, January 24th but they are open starting today!

Store Hours: 9am-9pm every day (or until they can see when the community will shop…. for instance, if they have customers that want to stop in on their way to work to get a prepared lunch, they’ll open earlier).

And oh, you noticed the payphone on the wall as soon as you walked in? It’s one of the things they decided to not remove when renovating… a cool relic from the past (but it doesn’t work so don’t try popping in a quarter and expecting to get a dial tone).

Check out more pics here:

4 thoughts on “Good Food Markets Opens!

  1. WOW, WOW, WOW! I am SOOOOO happy to have this on RIA! I stopped in this afternoon and was amazed by the variety of items they carry. The produce all looked wonderful…great selection of “pantry” items…milk, eggs and cheese, etc…everything you could need from a neighborhood grocery! I noticed there wasn’t any half and half, but as soon as I mentioned it to the manager, they put it on the list for their next order. A true gem on the Avenue!

  2. Looks like a halfway point between a Yes! and Windows (at the corner of 1st and RIA NW). So excited for Woodridge – it’s great to see commercial life come back to the empty parts of the street!

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