2321 4th Street NE (4th and RIA NE) is Getting Developed

As the Insider reported several years ago (here), the H Street Community Development Corporation purchased this 40,000 square foot lot in front of the shopping center in the Edgewood neighborhood to possibly redevelop it for mixed-use. Recently, the Washington Biz Journal’s Michael Neibauer reported that:

The H Street Development Corp., with partner E&G Group, will construct a five-story, mixed-use building on this Edgewood lot. The first floor will include parking spaces, tenant offices, loading, retail and tenant community space, and the second through fifth floors will hold 116 affordable residential units— four studios, 70 one-bedroom, 38 two-bedroom and four three-bedroom units. The building was approved in 2012 for six stories and more than 150 units, but the partnership returned one year later with a scaled-down version. More than half of the $30.2 million project will be funded through D.C. Housing Finance Agency-issued bonds.

Here is also a video from Keller Williams highlighting this new development:

2321 RIA

H Street Development Corporation also lists the property on their website with a quick description of the development here (although they put the address as Rhode Island Ave NE… when it is really suppose to be 4th Street NE).

Although construction has not begun, permits are being issued and plans are moving forward for this development. This is good news as we see more and more density projects organizing around the RIA Metro.

6 thoughts on “2321 4th Street NE (4th and RIA NE) is Getting Developed

  1. Am I missing something? I don’t see anything in the flyer or video about this being “affordable” housing. Is that term being used to mean low-income housing? Or something else? I really do not see the wisdom of putting more income-restricted housing in an area that is already full of it…

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