Housing and Health Center Along RIA NE

seniorIsrael Baptist Church, at 1251 Saratoga Ave NE, is planning to develop a 47-unit senior housing and a large health center off of Rhode Island Ave NE through its project development arm, Israel Manor Inc. Although it appears to have been underway for quite some time, the area across from Rhode Island Row along Washington Place NE (behind the Bank of America) has been gated off and prepared for construction of the large senior living facilities. A permit in December from DCRA, lowered the number of potential units from 49 to 47, with “a cellar and four levels”.

Here are some conceptual drawings available online (although it is uncertain whether these are up to date or not):



You can read more on Israel Manor’s narrative of the project by IsraelManorNarrative or check out the slide deck of this development here.

In addition, Israel Manor Inc. has also started the preparation for construction of a 43,000 sq ft community facility to house offices for health services, senior services, education, cultural arts, sports, banquets & meetings, and fitness programs for the elderly and low to middle-income residents. They are expecting it to service more than 52,000 residents. This community facility will be located directly in front of their Israel Baptist Church, a short walk from the Senior living apartments.

You can read more on the community facility by clicking here.

One thought on “Housing and Health Center Along RIA NE

  1. I’m totally in support of this senior housing project, but its location at that intersection gives me a little pause. Do you know if they’ll be re-working the timing of the lights to better facilitate pedestrian use? I know I, as an able-bodied adult, have to hustle to get across the street before the light changes and I’m worried that seniors (many of whom, I assume, will not have cars) will have trouble navigating the intersection there.

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