Eat a Thanksgiving Feast, and then Work It off!

Someone clearly needs to work out at KAAOS Gym!

The holidays are upon us once again! That means a lot of food, especially on Thanksgiving Day and throughout Hanukkah! I am sure that we will overeat and stuff our faces…it’s a natural thing when so much good food is in front of us.

But don’t fret about going up a pant size before Christmas and New Years! KAAOS is opening its doors on December 7th at 12:00 PM. Now with a neighborhood gym within walking distance on the Avenue, you can work off those pumpkin pies, turkey sandwiches, and latkes.  Or, you can call it, preemptive measure for all of the goodies you are going to eat this holiday season!  So stop by and get a workout in!

The gym is located next door to Zekes Coffee, which opened its doors recently as well! So go sweat out some calories, and then grab a cup of coffee for the walk home! More info, check out our previous post on Larry’s new gym on the Avenue here.

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