Zekes Grand Opening Coming Nov 2nd!

John Kepner (l), owner, and xxxxxx
John Kepner (l), owner, and Brian Bovard

The Baltimore-based coffee roaster is about to open on Rhode Island Avenue within a few weeks (check out our earlier story on Zeke’s here). Zeke’s Coffee of DC has announced its Grand Opening on Saturday, November 2nd from 9am to 2pm at its new location at 2300 Rhode Island Ave NE, and is calling itself a “DC Roaster and Coffee Lab” — see flyer at bottom of this article. This small batch roaster will offer samples of their creations as they roast them, so you’re going to have to stop by often to see what they are brewing up next! The Insider stopped by Zeke’s and met up with its owner (and DC resident), John Kepner, to take a tour of the new space (and it’s handmade 12lb roaster).

Make sure to stop by during the Grand Opening and pass the word!! Can’t wait until the Grand Opening to try Zeke’s Coffee? Check them out at locations throughout the City listed here.


5 thoughts on “Zekes Grand Opening Coming Nov 2nd!

  1. I’m sorry but I have been walking by this place and I’m not sure I get it. I thought the goal was to be a welcoming neighborhood coffee shop. The place is huge… The only problem is the seating area is about 15% of the actual space. What is the point? Is it to simply get folks from Maryland to quickly stop in and go as they drive to their destination? It is not like they are growing the coffee beans on premise and need the space. It is very uninviting in its current setup. I truly hope they plan to make some more space for people to relax and enjoy a cup… Otherwise what exactly is the point? I can make a quality cup of coffee at home.

    1. It isn’t a coffee shop, per se. Nor has it ever been marketed that way. It is first and foremost a roaster. It roasts the beans for their distribution. It will serve its coffee and have some seating (which won’t be put out until after the grand opening). If business turns out to be good with people stopping by for coffee, they will expand the seating (which they have room for).

  2. Hey Bozz Zilla!

    The shop will be our DC-area small batch roasting facility, where we will hand roast our coffee in 10-pound batches. It’s also a place where you can grab a cup of coffee and sample our roasts that you’ve been curious about. We’re working on the permitting for outside seating for the Spring and plan to add more indoor seating after the grand opening. It’s true a lot of our floor space is for roasting, bagging, blending and other production. We’ll be happy to show you around.

    Each day we’ll feature a few varieties “on tap” for a quick and easy cup of coffee. We’ll also offer our 25+ different roasts by the cup on our pour-over bar, if you’d like something that’s not featured. We will conduct more structured coffee tastings on selected weekends, including a few we’re looking forward to this November-December: Three Continents of Coffee, Top Shelf Beans, and Holiday Roasts: Past & Present.

  3. This is so exciting – a coffee shop/cafe with GOOD coffee on RIA :). Now we just need a little place at the RIA metro for everyone at the DMV, getting their nails done, living in those buildings at the metro, and those of us that walk by every day (I will keep it sealed on metro, I promise!).

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