Is Woodridge Part of the “Up and Coming”?

photo by DC Urban Turf
photo by DC Urban Turf

DC Urban Turf has listed their “Best Use of a Magic 8-Ball” on the best upcoming neighborhoods in the City.

 two years ago UrbanTurf reached out to a selection of bloggers, journalists, real estate agents and developers to get their thoughts on what DC neighborhoods would be attracting homebuyers in 2015. Earlier this year, we decided to check in with the same group to see if they still agreed with the choices they originally made.

Woodridge wasn’t singled out as an up and coming neighborhood, although the same blog did write about RIA NE as recent as Octoberof this year, we are encouraged by the immediate surrounding communities’ designation as such. But being located between Brookland, Fort Lincoln, and Fort Totten, plus having one of the most promising “Main Streets” in the area and large single family homes, Woodridge is, by default, a part of these up and coming neighborhoods that you should keep an eye on. The Friends of RIA (FoRIA) are making huge strides with this area and the addition of over $1 million being slated for improvements along RIA NE, we plan to see the area transforming for the better.

As Urban Turf noted:

That whole part of NE — including Brookland, Woodridge, Michigan Park, Fort Lincoln — is seeing a lot of new developments come out of the ground that are going to transform the area.

What are your thoughts? Is the entire area going to surge or are parts of it going to be left behind?

3 thoughts on “Is Woodridge Part of the “Up and Coming”?

  1. Yes, I think so. yesterday I went to an open house on the 3100 block of Monroe and there is a newly renovated house there listed at $559k. Since this is about 2.5 times what the assessment probably is it looks like realtors have a lot of confidence in Woodridge.

  2. Woodridge is in no way being left behind. Great Streets funding up to $85,000 per business is already available for RIA west of North Capital. When the funding is approved for RIA east of North Capital, more businesses will come on board. Woodrige is a large area. Real estate values across the city area increasing. The residents and businesses owners just need to ask for more. ‘OCTO spokesman Jack Burbridge suggested that lack of interest in Ward 5 was to blame. “We didn’t get a whole lot of feedback from the community,” he said.’ as stated in the Ward 5 Heartbeat. For years Brookland was the sole focus of economic development in Ward 5. Bloomingdale came out of nowhere and has in many respects surpassed Brookland. The ABDO/CUA development will help Brookland get back on its feet. RIA Row is a start for the RIA corridor which will include Woodridge. New library, Taylor Gourmet, etc. will help more. Need a new recreation center to really help the Woodridge/Langdon community.

  3. considering ive seen my house value raise about $100k over the past year and a half in Edgewood, i would say yea, we’re on the up-and-up.

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