Family Dollar Woes

Kind of Gross to Think About What the Actual Violation Was For

It seemed as we all could have guessed that this was coming. The Family Dollar at the corner of Rhode Island Ave NE at Thayer Street was ordered closed by the DC Dept of Health today because the store posed an iminent health hazard to the general public.

This particular Family Dollar has not been the model of cleanliness over the years and from the appearance of its parking lot and front side walk, they have not taken any pride in its image in this regard. I am happy to see that the DC Dept of Health actually pays attention to this “far end” of the City and holds those that sell food accountable for our health.

Any guesses on the specific violations?

6 thoughts on “Family Dollar Woes

  1. You know what the neighborhood needs? Shut down the Family Dollar and open a gourmet grocer in that space. How about Glut expands onto RIA?

    1. There’s another Family Dollar in the plaza on Rhode Island Avenue near Brentwood Road. I always thought two Family Dollars were a lot for this area. The Jamaican Restaurant on 12th Street was closed down for the same issue of being a health hazard. They never re-opened. Now a Ricky’s Cuban Restaurant will be occupying that space on 12th Street. I second a grocer at the Family Dollar location on Rhode Island & Thayer. It was just a matter of time before Walmart or something else shut down that Family Dollar. Thanks RIAinsider for keeping us up to date on these issues. We have stay vigilant so we can see something better.

  2. Sorry just reading this post. While it is true that Family Dollar should clean up their act not everyone in this community can afford Starbucks or Glut. This is still a mixed income community and the businesses here should provide for all income levels. Some residents need a Family Dollar. Improving RI is great but let’s remember not all residents can afford the same things.

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