Hechts Warehouse About to Get new life as….

The Washington Post and several other sites reported recently that Douglas Development has purchased the old Hecht’s warehouse off of New York Ave in Ward 5 recently. Although the location is not on RIA, this blog likes to follow redevelopment activities in an area that would have an effect on the Rhode Island Ave corridor. The plans for this warehouse are still largely unknown by those outside of Douglas Development but two options have surfaced that will impact development in our area.

Douglas Development purchased the warehouse, in the center of the NY Ave, WV Ave, and Fenwick St NE, from a PA equity company through a foreclosure proceeding, plans to redevelop the 6-story building into either an active warehouse or “possibly apartments with streetfront retail”. The PA equity company, Patriot Equities, intended to redevelop the property into a retail space.

The building still has the potential to be something great. It would be a shame to allow this building be just another warehouse and would really not add anything of quality to the area. We would strongly encourage that Douglas Development strongly consider their idea of retail and apartments for this area. It has three bus stops in the immediate area and is off a major City thoroughfare. In addition, it is in a very close proximity to area residents in all directions.

Please join us to tell Douglas Development to redevelop the property into a retail/apartment development instead of a warehouse. Contact Douglas Development’s President at djemal@douglasdev.com or by phone at 202.638.6300. Let them know you are a resident in the area and want better options for this area!

We hope our ANC and Councilmembers are also encouraging Douglas Development in the same manner!

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