The “Other” Development

It seems with all of the attention on the Rhode Island Metro redevelopment, the redevelopment project near Ft. Lincoln off of South Dakota and New York Avenue has been pushed out of most peoples’ attention. Not on this blog, though.

It seems that there is movement on this project. According to a Washington Biz Journal article from August 9th,

The Shops at Dakota Crossing, the as-yet unbuilt 42-acre shopping center in Northeast D.C.’s Fort Lincoln neighborhood, is one of the few D.C. parcels that can fit larger retailers. The development — which is bounded by New York Avenue, South Dakota Avenue and 33rd Place — has been searching for major retailers like Kohl’s for more than a decade.

Costco, Target and Shoppers Food Warehouse are expected to anchor the project, according to developer Fort Lincoln Newtown Corp. And Kohl’s and Ross were among a plethora of other retailers that have expressed interest in the site since the International Council of Shopping Centers conference took place in May.

It seems that Target is still on-board for the site. According to the WBJ, “Fort Lincoln is currently waiting for wetlands approval from the Army Corps of Engineers and is nailing down construction financing details to move the project forward.”

According to a recent article from the WBJ, Shoppers Food Warehouse has recently signed a Letter of Intent to go into the Dakota Crossings development.

With redevelopment projects on both ends of the Rhode Island Avenue NE area, it seems things are happening.

2 thoughts on “The “Other” Development

  1. I would love to see a Target and Costco and Kohl’s in the neighborhood, I will not hold my breath though, as slow as the economy has been, stil would love to see it.

  2. Target has been in a go/no-go situation for a long time at Fort Lincoln. It’s possible that WBJ doesn’t have the latest news on Target. Has anybody actually contacted Target to confirm that it’s coming or not. One day we hear Target’s coming, then the next day we hear that it won’t because of its other locations including Columbia Heights and PG Plaza. If someone would confirm this information with Target directly, it would help a great deal. In the meantime we keep hearing about the Wetland approval at Fort Lincoln delaying the project for Costco and Shoppers. That’s why I think WBJ is just rehashing old outdated news.

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