Metro Station Update….or lack of one.

After speaking with the developers of the Rhode Island Avenue metro, there is currently no updates for the redevelopment project there. Happily, though, the project is moving forward as planned according to the project team.

They have promised to contact this blog to give updates on tenants and other details once they have them. Check back here for up-to-date details and information regarding the development.

In the meantime, here is a great article from Novagradac and Company, LLC regarding the financing of the project and how significant that the project is. novogradac_jtc_2010-06_hud_pg45

9 thoughts on “Metro Station Update….or lack of one.

  1. What’s going on in the fenced-in area of the Home Depot parking lot? A large amount of asphalt has been removed. Is a new store being built? If so, what?

  2. The are needs more banks, period, the additional of the BoA was excellent, studies have proven that banks ion poorer communities do pretty well and allow people to save and plan for the future properly. More banks in the neighborhood is excellent.

  3. OK. Then, I suppose another bank will be placed on the grounds of the new mixed-used development at RI metro? It would make sense to have a bank close to the shops and restaurants that will be coming.

    Did anyone notice tbat 2 stores have left the RI Avenue corridor near 10th Street? A barber shop and used mattress/used appliance store have left. They were right next to the Metropolis Club at 10th and RIA. I’m wondering if the Metropolis club has acquired the space and will expand its operations. Does anybody know?

  4. It’s also important to know that Walmart had considered moving into the Giant/Home Depot Center at RIA. Walmart wanted to build a store behind the AJ Wright and the Giant, next door to the US Postal Facility. One report has it that Walmart might come to the Bladensburg Road/New Avenue area even though that might cause traffic problems. Since TD Bank is now being built in the HD parking lot, have any plans been announced for other retailers to build/occupy the former proposed Walmart lot behind Giant and AJ Wright?

  5. I have heard about the plans for Wal-Mart to come to the Bladensburg/NYA intersection. Gotta admit, I think it was proposed by a reader here first, I think they should be encouraged to come to the old Safeway spot. Yes, I recognize that it would take a significant amount of time and rehab to bring that place up to spec for a Wal-Mart (the new ones I’ve seen look quite nice). But if anyone has the cash…it’s Wal-Mart. Perhaps even a partial parking deck, and stop letting the church park on RIA for services (if the congregation would use crosswalks and not try double-parking, I’d have fewer sneery looks for them).

    It seems like a smarter option in terms of traffic, since many more people could access a Wal-Mart on a metro line than the other, which would be bus/car access only. Also, this reduces the need to build an entirely new shopping center, proving that government and business understand recycling. It will also provide a counterpoint to the new development, which seems from the advertising materials to be primarily focused on higher-end retail, by providing lower-cost options to this mixed-income community.

    Plus, I like their cakes. 🙂

  6. Elizabeth,

    This Spring there was a poll on the Brookland Yahoo Group on what other stores could take the place of the Safeway that left 4th & RIA. Walmart did NOT appear on the list. The results were also posted on this blog. Someone on this blog created a website for a Walmart on RIA. You might be able to find the web address if you search the archive.

    Other possible locations for Walmart at or near a Metro Station can include Fort Totten, as well as other Metro stops. I’d prefer to see the big boxes like Walmart, Target, and Costco spread out. These stores probably want to be close together for competition purposes.

    You also may have missed the big fight over 5 years ago that prevented Walmart from coming to the Home Depot area on RIA. It is documented on the Brookland Yahoo Group. To me, since Target is already in the District at the Columbia Heights Metro, it makes sense to allow Costco, Walmart, and others to come. I prefer Metro site locations. The most recent major objection to Walmart I’ve read online from local news sources is that New York Avenue and Bladensburg Road is just too heavily congested with traffic. I can attest to that. So far, no one has created a Walmart on New York Avenue website.

  7. Woodie-

    Thanks for your response! I did not see the Brookland poll, though I heard about the results. I also missed the fight 5 years ago, and from what I see on the Brookland Yahoo group list now, I imagine it would be fought pretty hard today. But I definitely think there is some potential there, particularly since finding something that is NOT a big box store to fill that space will be hard (I also think another grocery store is unlikely, given the proximity of the Giant and the newly opening Harris Teeter, but I don’t know much about how grocery stores decide that sort of thing).

    I did see the website created for the Walmart, which is where the idea was first pitched to me. I admit, I’m not a huge fan of Walmart (except for the previously mentioned cakes), and I’ve been trying to buy local so I’m avoiding the big box stores more, but I also think a large vacant store front is bad for the neighborhood, and Walmart is one of the few retailers, particularly in this recession, that would have the money to invest in a full-scale renovation of the center, in addition to not requiring large tax breaks or giveaways to convince them to come. I’m sure Walmart wants to be in DC pretty badly. And they sell bikes, a perfect addition to a center with an opening directly on to the MBT.


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