On the Attack…

An anonymous poster that commented under the “New Rules” post has seem to struck a nerve with the King Solomon Temple. As you can read under the “New Rules” post, the anon poster claimed that members of the Temple had swine flu and there was money exchanges going on with the Temple and Damien Ministries.

This struck such a nerve that William Mends-Cole wrote:

I am The Chairman of the Board, I know Bro. Guy Mitchell, and interact with him almost everyday. At no time has he been sick with the swine flu. I preside over every board meeting, therefore I need to know when and where was this meeting.

As his question was for the Anon poster, I wanted to know what the Temple has done to work with the community about their establishment that was such an issue this past summer with local residents. Mr. Mends-Cole has yet to let us know. I have to assume (actually, knowing the people who live around the Temple, I know) that the Temple has done ZERO to reach out to them.

Tim Westford continued his constant barrage of comments on the post about the accusations that the anon poster….he assumed I know what the anon poster was thinking when (s)he wrote it. Mr. Westford wrote this:

Your effortless abilities to resolve this issue does not amaze me. Websites such as this only entertain those whom enjoy gossiping and creating false accusations for his/her own personal gains. Be careful of what you post … it’s not what goes in your mouth that counts … it’s what come out that makes a lasting impression. From a 100 star rating website …. I give you a -5.

I guess Mr. Westford doesn’t understand how I would resolve the issue when (1) it’s his issue, not mine, and, (2) the poster is anonymous. It is his/her discretion whether or not to respond. Also, I have to assume that Mr. Westford, who refused to say what his connection is to the Temple, that he is in fact a member of the Temple. Until he answers that question, I have chose not to entertain him on this blog any longer.

I wanted to thank Mr. Mends-Cole and Mr. Westford for helping increase my viewership for the blog and the comments. This helps with search engine referrals to my site AND it has reminded me that we all need to stay vigilant on making sure that the King Solomon Temple does NOT get their liquor license or public hall license reinstated.

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