St. Bourbon’s Closed?

From Woodie:

On passing by Saint Bourbon’s on Hamlin Street and Rhode Island (across from the Woodridge Library) I recently noticed a big “For Sale/For Lease” sign. Does anyone know why it’s being sold? Saint Bourbon’s was closed the entire month of December. I heard at that time it might be closing. Details appreciated from RhodeIslandAveNE bloggers!

2 thoughts on “St. Bourbon’s Closed?

  1. Looks like Saint’s Bourbon got sold! At least, the for sale sign is gone. It will be interesting if the new owner will finally focus on providing a good sit-down restaurant and not just a place for people to go for music and drinks.

  2. Sold, not quite! The wind blew the sign on top of the roof of the building. As drove by this morning I noticed that that the sign was stuck. Either the wind blew the sign back in place or somebody made the for sale sign visible again, when I drove past this evening.

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