Mayor’s Press Conference Slated for Thursday, 10:15am

The Mayor’s Press Conference, supposedly to announce that the Masonic Lodge (King Solomon’s Temple)’s Public Hall license will be revoked (or not reissued), has been scheduled for Thursday, September 17th, at 10:15am at 2245 Rhode Island Ave NE (in front of the Lodge).

According to what I have been told, the ABRA Board has already suspended the ability for the lodge to obtain a liquor license for the location (which means they are not allowed to have alcohol on premises), and now that the City is also taking away their ability to have a public hall license, they cannot rent out their location for parties or any type of event. Basically, they can meet there as a Lodge and that is about it from this point forward.

I encourage everyone to attend this press conference and show support in bringing an end to the Temple’sflier wild and outrageous behaviors. If anyone still wonders what was going on at “G-Spot” which is what the people who ran the parties called the location on Friday nights, take a look at this flier or go to this YouTube video of the promotion.

Also, a reader of this blog, posted this comment in regards to the promoter of the parties (and they claim they didn’t really know what was happening???):

The Grand Master of King Solomon Grand is Robert J. Newby of New York
The Deputy Grand Masster is Benjamin Amara out of Baltimore a former suspended member of Baltimore Lodge.
The Promoter of these illegal sanction events was the son of Sister Silvia Jarrett the fiancee of the Grand Master Robert J. Newby in which the claimed to be the Step-son.

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