Washington Post Reporter Gets It Wrong

Today in the Washington Post Metro section, Nikita Stewart, made some elementary errors in her reporting of the Masonic Lodge closings titled Fenty Delays News Conference on NE Lodge.

In it, the promoter of the parties not only lied about ending their parties at 11pm, he also stated that the closest residents don’t complain. If Ms. Stewart bothered to do any actual reporting, she would have emailed me or other residents who are on record with the Post, City Paper, and the City to find out that the strongest opposition to this Lodge’s activities comes from the residents who live directly next to the Lodge (she was correct that the opposition does also come from the entire community).

Another claim by the lodge that they “provide social services and charity to the community”, is also false. Had she looked into it she would have found what I found: No obvious contribution to the community.

Nearly ALL of the participants of this lodge live outside of the City and so do its party-goers. Residents have consistently called 911 during the events at this Lodge at all hours of the night (had Ms. Stewart bothered to pull the police reports, she would have seen this also).

Ms. Nikita Stewart, I am sure you are a great reporter, but when you slip up and do sloppy work….we all notice.

One thought on “Washington Post Reporter Gets It Wrong

  1. good luck! i hope you can get a response from the wapo, but i wouldn’t count on it. i think, for the most part, they still see blogs as competition that they don’t want to deal with.

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