Local DMV Closure

Here is an email I received regarding the DMV:

DMV Brentwood Service Center Closure

Dear Resident,

Effective Friday, August 14, 2009 at 6:00 pm the Brentwood Service Center located at 1233 Brentwood Road, NE will permanently close operations. After August 14, please visit our 3 other DMV Service Centers located at: Georgetown Park Mall (3222 M Street, NW); Penn Branch Shopping Center (3220 Pennsylvania Ave., SE); and Southwest (95 M Street, SW) for driver and vehicle services. The DMV now provides many driver/identification, vehicle, adjudication and general transactions online. Using these services, customers can “skip the trip” to DMV offices, save time and conduct business with DMV wherever and whenever they choose.

Thank You,

DC Department of Motor Vehicles

One thought on “Local DMV Closure

  1. Hello: I have used the online option before and got an empty envelope for my trouble. I
    I still had to go to the DMV in person to get a registration sticker. It took me about
    two(2) hours of explanation until I finally got a supervisor to get the sticker! I use email rarely, it has not worked for me.

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