The Final Straw

In regards to my previous posting, the King Solomon Temple had a party again this past Friday and as we predicted, there was trouble. Oh, was there trouble around 11:30 pm when the event got out of hand:

1. A 16 year old was shot in the leg along Rhode Island Avenue and 20th Street;

2. An underage kid was beaten by three unknown assailants in car at the corner of 24th Street and Woodridge St NE;

3. Another individual was beaten close to his death around 5am next to the Temple (after attending events there);

4. Kids overran private properties in the neighborhood.

What does this spell for the Members of the Eastern Star at King Solomon Temple? Their final straw.

Not only are the police, who have been actively looking into their Public Hall license since they have been showing a month to month license without a hearing (which is illegal) by employees of the DCRA who happen to be members of the Temple, but the residents from Brookland and Woodridge are more than ever taking it to the streets! We are supporting MPD with their investigation and going door-to-door to get the attached petition signed to get the Temple closed, not just the parties, but the Temple itself. The residents’ believe that the members of the Temple violated the public trust by allowing third parties from out of DC to use their establishment as a night club AGAINST residents’ (local) wishes and constant requests not to.

So, Members of the Eastern Star, I urge you to contact me in regards to a good realtor. According to the residents that I am hearing from, you are no longer welcome in the Rhode Island Ave NE community.

*****ATTENTION RESIDENTS: If you would be of assistance, please print this petition, get your neighbors to sign it, and then email me and I will coordinate with the residents behind the petition to get it picked up. *****King Solomon Temple EMERGENCY PETITION2

One thought on “The Final Straw

  1. Unless we as a community do something about this kind of thing, this area will never get any better and we’ll be stuck with no businesses wanting to move up here, people continuing to loiter the streets and crime to persist throughout Ward 5. We HAVE TO MOVE THIS CRAP OUT OF OUR NEIGHBORHOODS!

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