Masonic Lodge Part 2

UPDATE: The public hall license was investigated by a resident of Woodridge today down at the City Government building and it was discovered that the Masonic Lodge at 2245 RI Ave NE (next to the Family Dollar) does NOT in fact have a public hall license. In other words, they are not allowed to have any public events or parties at this location. So if you see one of their parties going on, please contact the police and be sure to give them this information.


I wrote a blog post a while back about the Masonic Lodge at 2245 RI Ave, NE that operated a public hall. Every Friday for the past month (and in the past) they have thrown parties there with (majority) of the attendees from Maryland. There have been reports of people urinating on our lawns, fights, gunshots, loitering, trash, drugs, and alcohol being a regular part of the “policing” that the neighborhood would have to put up with and fight. The police have been fantastic at responding and closing the place down.

As of yesterday, the Grand Master of the Lodge contacted a neighbor that has been fighting the public hall and liquor license of the Lodge (which resulted in them getting shut down) and declared that they will be back and operating this Friday. That neighbor and I went down to the Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration to inquire. We confirmed that they attempted to obtain a liquor license for a day for the Lodge and were denied. In fact, as we were told, ABRA knows NEVER to issue another liquor license for that location.

Problem #1: Liquor License RESOLVED.

Now on to problem #2: Public Hall License. This Lodge has acted irresponsible, and disregards neighbors concerns about their events, therefore, the entire neighborhood will be fighting to have their Public Hall license revoked.

Stay tuned.

One thought on “Masonic Lodge Part 2

  1. I thought the mason’s were for bettering themselves and the communities. I guess I was wrong or at least there are exceptions.

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