How Often Do We Need To Ask For Help?

UPDATE: Since my blog entry on speed bumps (which I also posted on all of the listservs in the area, I have received some great responses. The one person who has remained silent though, is Councilmember Thomas’ office. I heard from Justin Bellows from the Mayor’s office and a lot, I mean a lot, of residents concerning their own issues with speeding and their fight to control them in their own neighborhoods. Some suggested I contact another Councilmember to get something done while others claimed they have had success by contacting the police whenever they saw a speeder to solicit a response. While I may hold off on both of these efforts, Justin Bellow has been great in response and we will see if he follows through. I plan to hit the street tomorrow to gather the 70% (make that 100%) signatures of all of my neighbors, which is required.

If you need to forms to start the process in your neighborhood, please email me directly.


Since living off of 24th Street NE, I have constantly, as have my neighbors, voiced concerns and asked for help to control the speeding along this street. EVERYDAY I watch cars drive 45-50+ down our neighborhood rode with children playing and people walking their dogs. I, along with others, have pleaded with Councilmember Thomas’ office, and Ms. Chase from his office, to have speed tables (not bumps) installed to have take care of the problem once and for all, but they are quiet and unresponsive (notably, Ms. Chase told me she was going to send me the petition to start the process and after a follow-up call, I still do not have it). In the past, the police have been great to respond for a short period, but something has to be done.

What will it take? A child being struck and killed? I am asking for the MPD to respond throughout the day to catch these speeders and for Councilmember Thomas to act in a proactive manner for his constituents before something happens. There is no specific time of the day that it occurs because it occurs throughout the day and night (there is also a big concern about rush-hour cut-through traffic that needs to be addressed…but that is another request).

So how about it? How often do we need to ask for help until something is permanently done?



3 thoughts on “How Often Do We Need To Ask For Help?

  1. Since arriving on Monroe street 6 years ago we’ve seen two children struck by cars, luckily there has never been a fatality.

  2. The same thing happens all the time on 20th ST. Everybody speeds on the road and with all the kids walking home from Langdon Elementary you would think the police would do something. But they themselves are always speeding up it (with no lights so I don’t think they are going anywhere.) It’s just bad around here and it seems like no one cares.

  3. For anyone who is having problem with repeated crime — I HIGHLY recommend two things:

    1. Call 911 EVERYTIME you see a crime occur, even if you know the police won’t be able to catch THAT criminal. Numbers of patrols are (in part) based on logged calls for your neighborhood. Try to get make, model, and license plate # of car. Even report police cruisers.

    2. Attend your local PSA (stands for police service area, I think) meeting. They usually happen monthly and it is a great forum to voice your concerns, monthly, to a sergeant in person. Go every month (did I mention that?). Eventually the overworked police department will have to recognize your concerns. If you gather other neighbors, EVEN better, but one consistent person can make a big difference.

    In my experience, most police officers do a great job and really care about the residents they serve. Help them get to know you and your concerns and I feel that relationship gets even stronger. (Sorry for the soap box, but I feel your pain!) Good luck!

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