Neighborhood Commerical Overlay District for RI AVE?

As you can read from the selected text from the DC Zoning Code, several neighborhoods have been fortunate enough to have overlay districts to better manage the restaurant and retail spaces in neighborhoods. Now, I ask you, why doesn’t our ANC or Councilmember propose a Commerical Overlay District?

Read the code in all its entirety:

The purposes of the NC Overlay District are to:
(a) Encourage a scale of development, a mixture of building uses, and other
attributes, such as safe and efficient conditions for pedestrian and vehicular
movement, all of which will be as generally required by the Comprehensive
(b) Encourage retention and establishment of a variety of retail, entertainment,
and personal service establishments, predominantly in a continuous pattern
at ground level, so as to meet the needs of the surrounding area’s residents,
workers, and visitors; and
(c) Limit the maximum permitted height of new buildings so as to encourage a
general compatibility in scale between new and older buildings.

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