Public Halls on RI Ave

Last night, several residents from the Woodridge community had to contact the police about disorderly conduct and loud noise coming from the large groups crowded around and inside the Lodge on Thayer Street and Rhode Island Ave NE (next to the Family Dollar).

It seems that several residents were able to revoke the liquor license and public hall license for this establishment several years ago. Now it seems that they have been able to acquire their public hall license again without notice to the abutting neighbors. Those that run this hall plan to have events like the one last night every weekend (so I heard). I can assure that if it is anything like it was last night (loud, obnoxious, and disorderly), the residents will once again rise up and demand they be shut down. Patrons from last nights event were not only loud and disorderly at the public hall but also as they walked home or to their cars in the neighborhoods.

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