Mess Hall Coming to Brookland

messhall0523201401-600According to the Washington Biz Journal, a culinary incubator with commercial kitchen and event space is coming to Brookland. Mess Hall, as it will be called, will occupy a 10,000 sqft warehouse at 703 Edgewood St, NE. Here are some excerpts from the article:

“The incubator is the brainchild of Al Goldberg, a former corporate catering manager and current water systems salesman, who started thinking about launching a small business incubator after seeking in vain for space to open his own catering business a few years ago….

…Goldberg expects to be able to accommodate up to 100 members in the space, depending on the size of their businesses. To ensure things work smoothly with so many moving parts, he’s designed a proprietary system — he’s largely mum on those details — that will govern usage of the incubator’s resources….

…Mess Hall will provide more than just space. Goldberg anticipates collective buying for common ingredients, Mess Hall catering gigs that will give members another revenue stream and, eventually, collective product distribution. Down the road there may even be a collective rooftop garden.”

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