Langdon Park’s Horseshoes to Be Topic of Next ANC Meeting

warren-miller-two-centaurs-playing-a-game-of-horse-shoes-but-using-people-s-sandals-new-yorker-cartoonAccording to ANC Commissioner, Nolan Treadway’s, website, the next 5C07 meeting will focus on the horseshoe pit in Langdon Park and where to move it:

There has been a lot of talk about the horseshoe pit at Langdon Park at meetings over the last year. Neighbors are concerned – not so much about the actual playing of horseshoes – but the activity that can take place around the horseshoe pit, including the alley behind the old Woodridge Library building. Some neighbors have asked the horseshoe pit be moved to another location, and DC government is giving us the option of relocating the horseshoe pit within Langdon Park as part of the Chuck Brown Park renovations.

At this meeting we will have a DC Police Officer and DC Department of Parks and Recreation Park Ranger Representative and we will discuss if we would like to move the horseshoe pit and, if the community determines the horseshoe pit should be moved, to which of the 2 alternative locations do we prefer (the two alternatives are: down the hill from it’s current location, next to the swings OR next to the skateboarding bowl and dog park, by the pool). DPR has provided this map and information on what the relocation options are.

Also on the agenda: an update on the Casey Trees planting to take place in Langdon Park in April; Langdon Park Permitting Taskforce gets going in 2014.

The meeting will take place:

Date: Wednesday, March 19
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Langdon Recreation Center (2601 18th Street NE)



One thought on “Langdon Park’s Horseshoes to Be Topic of Next ANC Meeting

  1. personally i think the pit is awesome and doesn’t need to be moved. if DCPD would actually go into the park on a regular basis and patrol no one would have to worry about “other” activities.

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