District Clay Open in Woodridge/Langdon Area

District Clay, a self-proclaimed ceramic studio devoted to all aspects of clay craft, has opened their studio in the Langdon/Woodridge area of Ward 5 (I know — more Langdon… but I like to throw them together whenever I can). From their website:

The studio, located in a warehouse dedicated to artisan craft, offers ongoing classes for beginning, intermediate and advanced ceramic students in wheel throwing, hand building and ceramic sculpture.  The studio includes a dedicated gallery where advanced students can display their work for sale.

The driving purpose behind District Clay is to create a clayspace where students can learn the craft of clay while also stretching their creative abilities.  To that end, the studio will offer periodic special Master classes with experienced potters and ceramic artists.  In addition, special kiln firings will highlight the wide range of artistic effects that can be achieved through wood ash and over reduction firings.  Students will also have the opportunity to participate in wood firings through arrangements with local wood kilns.

District Clay’s studio space includes 14 wheels, gas and electric kilns, a slab roller, an extruder, a glaze spray booth, a photo booth,and an extensive library of ceramic literature.

Here is where they are located:


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