RIA Becomes Un-Laced

laceThe Avenue is losing a business that started out as a lesbian bar, then turned restaurant, then turned ladies night-club. According to this listing, Lace is being sold for $795,000 and is boasting as a fully furnished bar/restaurant with 2,000 sq ft.

The restaurant has gone through many attempted transformations during its time on the Avenue, never really finding the right theme. The restaurant attempted to transform itself into a neighborhood tavern/restaurant, hiring a chef, Raymond Crook. The restaurant added new beers and food to its menu, began advertising Monday Night Football, and jazz nights. It was a smart move, given the fact that many residents nearby wanted their own place. It hosted many events that brought numerous residents out, and was becoming a great place for the community to gather. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for, as it seems, internal reasons, not because the clientele wasn’t there. This past December, the chef (and main proponent of change for the establishment) left on, let’s just say, not good terms with its owner, Linda McAllister. “I could no longer work with her,” Crook told the Insider. “We had different ideas on how and the why of the operation.”

The property was listed on a realty site (seen below) for $4,585 per month on December 12, 2012. It was quickly removed in January after the Insider inquired with the realtor (same one on this new listing). McAllister told the Insider after the property was pulled from being available that Lace “was not closing nor am I selling” and that she “will be doing some amazing things for 2013.”

Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 12.03.54 PMNo word yet on why she is currently selling the restaurant. The space is a prime opportunity for a new restauranteur or owner that could do a lot with it, with a lot of folks that live in the area looking for their own place to walk to. It is situated between two new businesses, Zekes Coffee and Oliver Friendly’s restaurant.

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