Boom! (Shouldn’t) Go the Fireworks

20130702-060628.jpgSo the 4th of July is around the corner, and that means all of those firework stands are popping up all over town (even at a local gas station….scary)


So what is legal and what is not? According to the Patch, here is a list:

As a rule of thumb, fireworks or firecrackers that explode are illegal to use or sell in the District.

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) and Fire/EMS can seize illegal products and anyone found in possession of illegal fireworks could face fines and penalties of up to $2,000 and/or arrest for further prosecution.

According to DC MPD, illegal fireworks are those that have any of the following characteristics:

• Any fireworks that move.

• Any fireworks that explode.

• Any fireworks that emit a spark or flame greater than 12 feet.

• Any fireworks that have a side mounted fuse or a fuse inserted at any point along the length of the product’s surface.

• Any fireworks that contain mercury, arsenic, magnesium, phosphorus, or any other highly oxidizing agent.

• Any fireworks that the Fire Marshal considers to be dangerous to the safety of any person or property.

Examples of such items include, but are not limited to:

• Firecrackers

• Cherry Bombs

• Roman

• Salutes

• Floral Shells

• Artillery Shells

• Helicopters

• Sparklers greater than 20 inches long

• Bottle Rockets

• Parachutes

• Buzz Bombs

• Pinwheels

• Jumping Jacks

• Anything that is similar to these products.

Side note: From the sounds of it in my neighborhood, DCRA needs to conduct some inspections because there are definitely some exploding fun happening.

Be safe everyone and enjoy a great Fourth!

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