Pizza on the Avenue

Photo courtesy of Manny and Olga’s

It seems that Rhode Island Ave’s “Main Street” is about to get its own pizza place soon. Manny and Olga’s Pizza is announcing their intention of opening a shop 2117 RIA NE. Their website says that they already have 14 locations in the DC Metro area, including H Street, 14th Street, and Georgetown. Their menu boasts pizza, subs, calzones, wings, and much more. And, they deliver.

So, how good is a Manny and Olga’s? The Yelp reviews are kind of all over the place but mainly in the low rating category. Maybe Manny or Olga can expect nothing but 4-5 star ratings with this new location? Let’s hope so.

Do you have your own experience with a Manny and Olga’s Pizza? If so, let us know!

3 thoughts on “Pizza on the Avenue

  1. It’s not the worst pizza. Kind of on the level of Pizza Kingdom on 12th St. For that stretch of RIA, anything is better than a vacant storefront at this point, so I would say this is a win.

  2. Having eaten at a variety of Manny and Olga’s I have to say the quality really depends on the store. Some are great, some are not. I really like the one on 14th street, but do not like the one in Petworth.

  3. We have had good food from there. They have pizza fries which is odd. I think I like alladdin sizzler better though. Especially since we were blacklisted when a driver got lost and surprisingly we were upset about our food being an hour late. So now the GA ave one won’t deliver to us anymore. Hope that doesn’t carry over into the RIA location.

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