Your Help Is Requested To Get RIA Funded!

The Friends of RIA are not letting the 2014 DC budget go idly by and hope that RIA gets some of it. They are going on the offensive. This morning, I, along with the rest of FoRIA’s membership received the following email:

RIA LetterThe email points out that Mayor Gray will soon send the 2014 budget to the DC Council soon and asks that you send an email to the Mayor to ask him to include the following for RIA:

  • Grant Programs to support new and existing small businesses
  • Streetscape improvements
  • Transportation options
  • Funding for the Retail Incentive Amendment Act

The email directs readers to click on a link to send the letter, which reads:

Mayor Vincent C. Gray
1350 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC

Dear Mayor Gray,

I write to you urging you to include Rhode Island Avenue NE in your budget plans for Fiscal Year 2014.

We would like grant programs for new and existing businesses, infrastructure improvements to the streetscape and funding for the Retail Incentive Amendment Act, which creates a retail priority area along RIA.


Your Name

Want to help and send a letter? It’s as easy as just entering your name and address. Try it out here!

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